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CHEF TASTING with Chef Long

Filming Event to be featured on To be featured on Sushi Stars

  • 1 ps 5 nigiri, torch w/ shiitake mushrooms eel sauce truffle oil sea salad 24k gold topped

  • 1 ps west coast sea urchin, fresh nigiri, ooba leaf, fresh wasabi brushes imported soy

  • 1 ps hirame Korea flounder , nigiri, ooba leaf fresh wasabi import soy

  • 1 ps torch bluefin tuna, truffle oil fresh wasabi import soy sauce

  • 1 ps truffle tuna , bubu rice flash fried shiitake mushrooms, balsamic vinaigrette reduction, truffle oil 24k gold flakes

  • 1 ps poached live lobster nigiri, ginger scallion oil fresh wasabi


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